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Bachelor of Business Administration


Belhaven's online Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree prepares students for entry-level management positions and provides a course of study for students who wish to enhance their professional and managerial skills.

A four year BBA degree incorporates the development of the student's exposure to human problems and personal values. A well-planned curriculum, which integrates advanced cognitive skills, awareness of self and others, and interpersonal skills all through a Christian worldview is the focus of learning for this subject area. Certain required courses, within the business degree program, form the theoretical and practical framework students need to succeed in leadership roles within their professional and personal organizations.

Whether you are looking to earn a business degree as you enter the workforce or achieve advancement in your current career, a BBA degree earned through Belhaven's online business classes, is an excellent way to accomplish these goals.

All courses are taught from the Christian worldview, so you will be able to strengthen your faith as you engage the corporate world of business.

Potential career opportunities could include:

Bachelor of Business Administration Online Degree Curriculum Summary

The Bachelor of Business Administration is ideal for adults interested in earning a new degree or advancing their current career. The curriculum is identified below.

Course #Course NameCredits
BIB214 Old Testament History 3
BIB215 New Testament History 3
BIO125 Science and Culture II 4
ENG103 Composition and Rhetoric 3
ENG108 Effective Research Writing 3
ENG203 Survey of World Literature I 3
ENG204 Survey of World Literature II 3
HIS108 Civilization II 3
HIS205 Contemporary World History 3
MAT202 Quantitative Reasoning 3
MAT345 Math for Business and Economics 3
WVC301 Christian Interpretation of Life 3
BBA302 Business Foundations 3
BUS280 Introduction to Online Education 3
BUS304 Business Communication 3
BUS309 Business Computer Applications 3
BUS326 Principles of Management 3
BBA320 Financial Accounting 3
BBA321 Administrative Accounting 3
BUS320 Introduction to Marketing 3
BUS360 Operations Management 3
BUS363 Business Finance 3
BUS412 Organizational Behavior 3
BUS418 Business Ethics 3
BUS414 Business Law 3
ECO407 Economics 3
BUS420 International Business and Development 3
BUS419 Business Policy 3
WVC401 Kingdom Life 3
Electives/PLA 40

Course Descriptions

See Online College Undergraduate course descriptions.

Admission Information

As you apply for admission to Belhaven University, formerly Belhaven College, you can use this checklist to assist you in the process. Each item required is necessary to apply, be accepted and register at the college. If you have any questions about admission, contact


    • Submit official transcripts from all colleges or universities previously attended. You may make copies of the transcript request form provided. Full credit is usually allowed for students transferring work from another regionally accredited institution. See Transferability of Credit Notice. The registrar will determine if the work is consistent with a liberal arts curriculum.
    • Students applying with fewer than 12 semester hours of college credit acceptable by Belhaven must also submit an official high school transcript showing the date of graduation. A 2.0 grade point on a 4.0 scale average is required.
    • A student who has earned the General Education Development (GED) certificate may be admitted. An official GED transcript must be provided from the State Department of Education of the state that issued the certificate. Subscores must be 450 or higher or an average standard score of 500 or higher to be considered for admission.

    • A student who is applying with fewer than 12 semester hours of college credit must send to the office of admission an official high school transcript showing the date of graduation as well as an official report of the ACT or SAT score directly from the testing service. Applications will be processed and admission status determined when all required items, including the ACT or SAT, where applicable, are on file.
    • Freshmen who have graduated and been out of high school for five years or more will not be required to submit an ACT score, but their applications must come before the committee.
    • Applicants whose native language is not English must provide evidence of proficiency in English by scoring 525 or above on the paper-based or 71 on the internet-based Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). The TOEFL requirements may be waived if English proficiency can be demonstrated through other reliable documentation. Proficiency is usually demonstrated by at least two years of successful academic work at the college or university level in the United States.
    • A veteran who wishes to be assessed for military credit or who will use veteran benefits must submit a copy of Form DD214 and/or DD295 to Belhaven University.