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Master of Sports Administration


The Master of Sports Administration (MSA) online program provides students with a learning experience designed to equip graduates for leadership within the sports management industry. With ever-increasing complexity and regulation, the arena of sports management needs strong leadership that understands both the human and corporate perspectives of the sports world. The MSA online combines the academic, practical and technical skills that are demanded in the sports management world with the values of a Christ-centered education. With a degree from Belhaven, an accredited university, students in our online sports management degree program will be able to compete in this fast growing industry.

Master of Sports Administration online students develop their skills through an intense program that both advocates high academic standards and validates the Christian values to which Belhaven, the School of Business, and each faculty member is totally committed.

The sports administration graduate program takes two years to complete and offers classes in manageable, eight-week "terms." Project-team activities within each course enhance the learning process and the development of problem-solving skills, while allowing individuals to develop their ability to function with a team.

Sports administration encompasses a variety of occupations; sports regulations, marketing, negotiations, budgeting, research, project management, and retail are all important and relevant segments in the world of sports.

Other job titles in sports administration include the following:

Master of Sports Administration Curriculum Summary

Course #Course NameCredits
MSL601 Introduction to Graduate Education 3
MSA608 Current Issues and Trends in Sports Administration 3
MSA624 Leadership and Sports Ethics 3
MSL630 Leading High Performance Teams 3
MBA640 Advanced Organizational Leadership 3
MSA643 Sports Finance and Budgeting 3
MSA646 Legal and Regulatory Environment for Sports 3
MSL686 Strategic Leadership 3
MSL660 Current Issues in Human Resources 3
MSL665 Coaching, Mentoring, and Resolving Conflict 3
MSA668 Venue and Event Management 3
MSA670 Capstone Seminar in Sports Administration 3

Course Descriptions

See Master of Sports Administration course descriptions.

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