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Master of Education Online - Elementary or Secondary Emphasis


Belhaven offers several emphases in conjunction with the Master of Education degree including Elementary and Secondary (see below), Educational Technology, National Board, and a Reading Literacy program.

Elementary or Secondary Electives Emphasis

The Master of Education meets the needs of professional teachers who already are certified and desire a graduate specialty in elementary education or secondary education.

Master of Education

The online Master of Education program will enrich and advance teachers with a focus on the core foundations of teaching and learning. Earning a MED degree can also lead current teachers to leadership roles.

This program meets the needs of professional teachers who are already certified. Professional teachers who desire a specialized graduate degree can choose between an emphasis in elementary or secondary education. The Master of Education provides advanced pedagogical and research skills to enable one to become a leader in today’s schools.

Belhaven online graduate courses for teachers take an in-depth look into the classroom and give teachers the ability to not only evaluate their current methods, but examine the improvement of learning and the implementation of better teaching techniques from a critical thinking perspective.

Belhaven’s Master of Education online classes gives teachers, who wish to pursue a masters, distinct advantages by eliminating obstacles like distance and time. Potential students could also qualify for scholarships like the Teach Grant and the Belhaven Classroom Leadership Scholarship.

Through this graduate degree program, students have access to Belhaven’s education professors and the wealth of knowledge they are eager to share. Since Belhaven’s founding in 1883, we have excelled in preparing students to be teachers and are excited to bring our education expertise to the online area.

Objectives of the Master of Education Program

The goal of graduate teacher education is to prepare competent teachers who demonstrate both academic excellence and professional knowledge while providing distinctive Christian leadership and service to students, parents, and communities. The conceptual framework of the department reflects these goals and supports the following objectives:

Master of Education Core Classes

Course # Course Name Credits
EDU610 Research Methods and Procedures 3
EDU612 Curriculum Planning and Organization 3
Teaching Reading in the Secondary School
Teaching Reading Skills and Comprehension
EDU621 Assessing Student Learning 3
EDU623 Technology in Education 3
EDU625 Instructional Leadership Skills in the Classroom 3
EDU628 Advanced Instructional Strategies 3
EDU630 Diagnostic and Remedial Strategies in the Content Areas 3

Elementary or Secondary Elective Courses

Course # Course Name Credits
EDU624 Issues and Innovations in Education 3
EDU631 Individual Instruction for Children with Learning Problems 3
EDU636 Supervision of Instruction: Collaborating for Accountability 3

NOTE: Students seeking teaching certification must assume responsibility for fulfilling all state requirements. Completion of the Master of Education does not guarantee licensure.

Course Descriptions

Master of Education Course Descriptions.

Admission Information

As you apply for admission to Belhaven University, you can use this checklist to assist you in the process. Each item required is necessary to apply, be accepted and register at the college. If you have any questions about admission, please contact us at 800-960-5940 or

Steps to apply:



    • A bachelor’s degree in Education from a regionally-accredited college or university is required. Submit an official transcript from your undergraduate degree granting institution and official transcripts from institutions where you have completed graduate coursework. A 2.8 cumulative GPA from undergraduate work is required for admission or a minimum GPA of 3.0 on any graduate work previously completed. Download the Transcript Request Form. See Transferability of Credit Notice.
    • Provide evidence of holding a valid standard teaching license.
    • Proficiency in the English language as demonstrated by at least two years of successful academic work at the college or university level in the United States or by a minimum score of 550 paper-based or 79 internet-based on the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL).



    • A veteran who wishes to be assessed for military credit or who will use veteran benefits must submit a copy of Form DD214 and/or DD295 to Belhaven University.


    Applicants who do not meet the regular admission requirements, but show the potential for success in the M.Ed. program, may be admitted on a conditional basis using the following criteria:

    • Students admitted on a conditional basis to the M.Ed. program must earn a 3.00 grade point average on the first nine semester hours of graduate work in order to continue in the program.
    • The student may be asked to submit an essay or recommendations for review by the program committee.

    • Submit a completed application for admission with fee of $25.
    • Non-degree seeking students must submit an official transcript from their undergraduate/graduate degree-granting colleges/universities.
    • Non-degree seeking students, after attempting six semester hours, must either apply for admission as a degree-seeking student or make a request to be continued as a non-degree seeking student (maximum of 12 hours).