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Associate of Arts in Biblical Studies


The online Associate of Arts in Biblical Studies is for students who want to further their study in biblical ministry. This Bible degree program is designed in the liberal arts tradition and can lead to future studies of the Bible and is a gateway to a Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies.

Students are taught from a Christian perspective and learn the importance of ideas throughout history and will have the Christian worldview curriculum to draw on for discernment in interpreting media messages in understanding cultural trends and in everyday decisions.

An online associates degree in biblical studies at Belhaven University gives each student the flexibility they need to complete their degree at their own pace.

Associate of Arts in Biblical Studies Online Degree Curriculum Summary

Course #Course NameCredits
BIB214 Old Testament History 3
BIB215 New Testament History 3
BIO125 Science and Culture II 4
PHY125 Science and Culture I 4
ENG103 Composition and Rhetoric 3
ENG108 Effective Research Writing 3
ENG203 Survey of World Literature I 3
ENG204 Survey of World Literature II 3
HIS108 Civilization 3
HIS205 Contemporary World History 3
IST201 Global Culture 3
MAT202 Quantitative Reasoning 3
BUS280 Introduction to Online Education 3
BIB311 Acts and Paul 3
BIB315 Pentateuch & Old Testament Historical Books 3
BIB302 Biblical Interpretation 3
BIB316 Old Testament Poetic Books 3
BIB331 Christian Doctrine 3
BIB310 Life and Teachings of Jesus 3
BIB318 General Epistles 3

Course Descriptions

See Online College Catalogue for Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies course descriptions.

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