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Online Master of Business Administration Degree Program


The Master of Business Administration Online program (MBA) integrates the sophisticated academic world, the practical and technologically dependent career world, and the eternal world of Christian faith into a business curriculum that fits into your busy life. Belhaven, an accredited online university, aims to develop in students that rare level of discernment so much in demand, both globally and locally.

Master of Business Administration students develop the above qualities through an intense program that both advocates high academic standards and validates the Christian values to which the University, the School of Business Administration, and each faculty member are totally committed.

MBA program classes are offered in manageable, eight week "terms." Project Team activities within each course enhance the learning process and the development of problem-solving skills, while forming the essential quality of teamwork.

In addition to the core MBA classes, students can go on to earn concentrations in Leadership, Human Resources, Health Administration or Sports Administration.

Master of Business Administration Curriculum Summary

Course #Course NameCredits
MBA601 Introduction to Graduate Education 3
MBA624 Ethical Problems in Business 3
MBA640 Organizational Behavior 3
MBA615 Business Foundations 3
MBA643 Financial Analysis 3
MBA682 Principles of Executive Leadership 3
MBA646 The Legal Environment of Business 3
MBA658 Managerial Economics 3
MBA664 Marketing Management 3
MBA688 Business in a Global Environment 3
MBA686 Strategic Leadership 3
MBA687 Strategic Planning 3

Course Descriptions

See Online College Catalogue for Master of Business Administration course descriptions.

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