Online Certificate in Biblical Studies

Belhaven’s Certificate in Biblical Studies is an 18 credit hour program and is designed for students who want to expand their understanding of the Bible through critical study. The curriculum emphasizes the study of the Bible, the history of Israel and the role of outreach and ministry. This certificate is ideal for anyone desiring to have a deeper understanding of Scripture and to be better prepared to teach others.

Students who pursue an online biblical studies certificate will be well equipped by the curriculum and get the attention they need from professors who long to share their knowledge of the Word.


Certificate in Biblical Studies Curriculum Summary

Course Number Course Name Credits
BIB334 Law Books and Wisdom Literature 3
BIB335 Gospels and Letters 3
BIB341 Doctrines and Practical Implications 3
BIB344 Israel's History 3
BIB345 Kingdom History 3
BIB375 Outreach Ministry in Context 3
BIB385 Shepherding Ministry in Context 3
BIB395 God's Kingdom Though History 3
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