Entrepreneurial MBA with GSV

The GSV-MBA is designed for anyone with a dream of starting and running a business and will enable graduates of the program to bring their dream to life.

In partnership with GSV (Global Silicon Valley), Belhaven University offers an Online Master of Business Administration degree in Entrepreneurship.  GSV is about growth and empowerment.  It symbolizes a commitment to achieving one’s full potential.  It is a mindset.  It is an aspiration. 

The Online GSV-MBA is a premiere program for the development of entrepreneurial skills through hands-on practical courses.  The strength of this program is that it combines instruction with practice, providing students the opportunity to test the models and strategies learned in the classroom by creating and launching a real business.  Students will also gain access to and insight from leaders in the entrepreneurial business community. 

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In the online GSV-MBA program, classes are offered in manageable seven-week segments. Students will have access to the GSV resources along with the academic support of the Belhaven University faculty and staff.

  • 30 credit hours
  • 100% online, with one night of voluntary online office hours which includes expert business guidance and training
  • 7-week courses
  • Instructors have expertise in marketing, economics, leadership, law, finance and strategic planning with experience in both starting and running a large variety of businesses.
  • All classes taught from a Christian worldview
  • Competitive tuition rates

Each class is taught by faculty with expertise in marketing, economics, leadership, law, finance, and strategic planning, in addition to having experience in both starting and running a large variety of businesses.

Additionally, Michael Moe or members of the GSV team will participate regularly in weekly online office hours sessions. GSV will also bring special guests from time to time from our network of premier investors and entrepreneurs.

  • Because the GSV MBA is a cohort based sequential program, all students must take the full 30 hours. No graduate transfer credit will be allowed.
  • A 2.8 cumulative GPA from undergraduate work is required for admission.
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The instructors are all Belhaven University faculty. They have expertise in marketing, economics, leadership, law, finance, and strategic planning, in addition to having experience in both starting and running a large variety of businesses.

Michael Moe and GSV are intimately involved with the design and creation of the program in partnership with Belhaven. Michael or members of the GSV team will participate regularly in weekly office hours. GSV will also bring special guests from time to time from our network of premier investors and entrepreneurs.

GSV is a leading Silicon Valley growth investor devoted to finding and aligning with the most dynamic, fastest growing businesses in the world—the companies we call “the stars of tomorrow.” GSV has invested in game-changing companies such as Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox, Snap, Lyft, and Spotify.

In literal terms, Silicon Valley is just a small area—less than 50 miles between San Francisco and San Jose. But its influence? To say massive would be a massive understatement. A remarkable percentage of the most innovative and successful companies—especially high tech enterprises—call this magical region home. It’s the undisputed hub for up-and-comers, representing nearly half of the VC investment in all of the U.S. Yet Silicon Valley extends far beyond northern California, and even North America. That’s where the “G” in “GSV” comes in. We believe that Silicon Valley is no longer a spot on a map. It’s a mindset.

This small region near the Bay Area has singlehandedly redefined entrepreneurism and, in many ways, business in general. Today, “Silicon Valley” stretches around our planet—roughly 57 million square miles of land on earth. Talk about impressive growth. It represents an addiction to constant innovation. A devotion to the brightest talent. An appetite for boldness. A magnet for capital and growth investors. It’s the ambitious pursuit of a destiny achieved by the likes of Apple, Google, Facebook, Cisco, Intel, HP, and eBay—by companies that are, at present, far more humble.

And GSV exists to help them fulfill that promise.

The GSV MBA is designed for entrepreneurs and offers a real-world, relevant curriculum. Entrepreneurs will work on their business ideas throughout the program and the graduation project is launching their business! Students will have regular interactions with GSV and its network of investors, entrepreneurs, and mentors throughout the duration of this program. Students will also have access to GSV’s Pioneer Platform which is an online offering of resources including coaching networks, entrepreneur resources, capital sources, and much more.

To graduate with a GSV MBA it is required that you complete the curriculum of 10 courses (each 7 weeks long) and develop a final business plan. If a student was to go from beginning to end without a break, it would take approximately 1.5 years to complete the program. Students who drop out for more than a year will have to re-enter under the current catalogue requirements for the program, if they have changed.

A unique aspect of the GSV MBA is that it is designed to provide skills and know-how to launch an aspiring entrepreneur’s business idea. Graduation from the GSV MBA will culminate with a business plan presented to investors. A reality of startups is that they often start with one idea and “pivot” to another concept. While many students in the program will come with their initial idea, others will be inspired to create an idea within the program. To graduate from the program it is a requirement that the student will have completed their business plan and pitched it to investors.

The GSV MBA does not offer funding for your startup. However, as part of graduating from the program, students will present their business pitch in a “Demo Day” in front of investors. Additionally, students may also connect to investors through the investor network on the GSV Pioneer Platform.

GSV’s reputation is rooted in core values including trust and integrity. We’ve built our brand through many mutually rewarding partnerships, advising and investing in great companies, ideas, and entrepreneurs over several decades in the industry. While we hope that there are ideas developed through the program in which GSV would have an interest in investing, we are in the business of helping advance business ventures and opportunities, not claiming credit or ownership of other people’s ideas. Additionally, as ventures take shape and reach certain milestones, we can help ensure that proper documentation including non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) and similar tools are used. The second course in the program—”Ethics, Culture & Purpose”—will delve into these issues; they’re essential topics, and we firmly believe in practicing what we preach.

These rates are for August 1, 2021 through July 31, 2023.

Tuition and Fees Per Credit Hour Full Program Cost
Entrepreneurial MBA $817 $24,500

* Students are eligible to borrow through Federal Aid the full cost of the program as your first investment in your new start-up business.

* There is no additional technology fee added for this program.

* There are no additional discounts (military, first responder, education, etc.) for this program.

Visit the Scholarship, Discounts and Fees web page to view other fees and the cost estimate calculator.

Prospective students have had the opportunity to meet virtually with Michael Moe hearing his vision for the program and answering questions. Watch the videos (between 35-45 minutes in length) to better understand the goals and passion for the GSV-MBA program.

Q & A with Michael Moe #1: June 25, 2020
Q & A with Michael Moe #2: July 9, 2020
GSV and Belhaven Information session, August 2021

We look forward to receiving your application!  Please follow the steps on the How Do I Apply page to see how easy it is to submit your application to Belhaven University.