Master of Business Administration with Public Administration Concentration

The core courses in an MBA with a Public Administration concentration focus on the skills needed in the corporate world – finance, economics, marketing, and accounting. Students also immerse themselves in topics such as business research and operations management.

The public administration component of the degree usually involves broad-brush topics such as government budgeting, ethics, public law, and public policy.

While an MBA in Public Administration prepares graduates for potential upper-level positions in government, graduate degree holders also draw demand among private-sector businesses that either work closely with agencies, or are in heavily regulated industries. An MBA in Public Administration can also offer graduates greater flexibility to work in either the public or private sector - a good choice for students who haven’t settled into a definite career track.

Master of Business Administration students develop the above qualities through an intense program that both advocates high academic standards and validates the Christian values to which the University, the School of Business Administration, and each faculty member are totally committed.


Curriculum Summary

MBA with Public Administration Concentration:

Course # Course Name Credits
MSL 601 Introduction to Graduate Education 3
MBA 624 Ethical Problems in Business 3
MBA 612 Business Foundations I 3
MBA 613 Business Foundations II 3
MBA 680 Quantitative Decision-Making 3
MBA 643 Financial Analysis 3
MBA 658 Managerial Economics 3
MBA 640 Organizational Behavior 3
MBA 646 Legal Environment of Business 3
MBA 664 Marketing Management 3
MBA 687 Strategic Planning 3
Total 33

Public Administration Concentration (pick 3 of 5):

Course # Course Name Credits
MPA 607 Ethics and Society 3
MPA 611 Public and Administrative Law 3
MPA 610 Economics and Public Policy 3
MPA 609 Administration of Financial Resources 3
MPA 612 Public Policy Analysis 3
Total Electives 9

Admission Information

  • Up to 6 hours of accredited graduate work may be transferred if a B or better has been earned in each course. A 2.8 cumulative GPA from undergraduate work is required for admission or 9 hours of graduate work with a B in each course.
  • Must have completed MBA612 and MBA643 with at least a ‘B’ grade. Students seeking to complete the concentration as a graduate certificate must also take MBA612 or MBA643.
  • Transcript must show successful completion (with a grade of C or better) of college algebra or a higher mathematics course.
  • Applicants who do not meet the regular admission requirements, but show the potential for success in the M.B.A. program, may be admitted on a conditional basis. The student should submit an essay and 2 letters of recommendation for review by the program committee. Students admitted on a conditional basis to the M.B.A. program must earn a 3.00 grade point average in the first six semester hours of graduate work to continue in the program.
  • A 3.0 GPA in the Public Administration concentration courses must be maintained to graduate.