Master of Education School Leadership and Supervision

Leading to Mississippi K-12 Administrator Licensure

This program is offered only for students residing in Mississippi.


The Master of Education (M.Ed.) in School Leadership and Supervision is designed for professional educators in Mississippi schools who want to advance to the role of administrator. The program, which aligns with the Mississippi state K-12 licensure guidelines, allows students to study both theory and practice of school administration from a Christian worldview.

Classroom teachers interested in the program should have three years of teaching experience before applying. The master in educational leadership and supervision curriculum addresses the National Policy Board of Educational Administration Standards which include the following:

  1. Mission, Vision, and Core Values
  2. Ethics and Professional Norms
  3. Equity and Cultural Responsiveness
  4. Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment
  5. Community of Care and Support for Students
  6. Professional Capacity of School Personnel
  7. Professional Community for Teachers and Staff
  8. Meaningful Engagement of Families and Community
  9. Operations and Management
  10. School Improvement

In addition, upon completion of the M.Ed. in School Leadership and Supervision students are prepared to take The School Leaders License Assessment Exam (SLLA). Upon passing the SSLA, the Belhaven University School of Education will recommend candidates for the Mississippi Administrator’s License.

Courses in the educational supervision and administration degree are designed for the busy educator to focus on leadership and management techniques to build effective and efficient schools. All faculty members hold doctoral degrees and have been or are currently serving as school administrators, superintendents, principals/assistant principals and/or other leadership positions. In addition, faculty share strategies on how to apply wisdom in leadership as a Christian professional educator while serving in a public and private school environments.

Each course lasts eight weeks, which allows for the entire degree program to be completed in as little as two years.

  • 33 credit hours
  • 100% online
  • 8-week courses, taught year round
  • All classes taught from a Christian worldview
  • Small class sizes so you know your professors and classmates
  • Competitive tuition rates

Course Delivery Formats

All courses in the degree program are presented in an online learning delivery format. However, to assist the online learner, each course offers three optional on ground support seminars. The enrolled candidate may choose to attend or not attend (class attendance and final grades are based solely on weekly submission of online assignments and assignment grades). Support Seminars are held either during a week night evening session or a Saturday morning session. Sessions are held on the first (1st), fourth (4th), and seventh (7th) weeks of each eight (8) week course term. Support Seminars have been designed to encourage, support, and assist candidates in their studies and to provide an opportunity to meet with their professor and colleagues.  This is an excellent opportunity for the online learner to experience live person-to-person interaction, have questions answered, and dialogue with the professor regarding course procedures and course content. It also provides an occasion to network with other professional educators enrolled in the course.

Belhaven University and the K-12 Teachers Alliance are excited to partner in offering Belhaven’s graduate education degrees in the state of Mississippi.  View specific information about the programs being offered in your area.

Internship, Completion & Licensure Requirements

The program includes three capstone courses consisting of two Principal Internship requirements and a course requiring the successful completion of a comprehensive paper.

The 1,000 hour Internship requirement is incorporated as the candidate matriculates through each of the program’s courses. The candidate will be required to submit the Belhaven University School of Education Memorandum of Understanding for Principal Internship Agreement Form, signed by the School Principal of the school building in which the candidate is a teacher and is serving their internship hours. This form will serve as indication that in addition to the candidate’s employment as a teacher, the principal of the school is willing to serve as the candidate’s Principal Mentor during the candidate’s Administration Internship hours.

During the Internship the candidate will be assigned a School of Education Mentor along with the school’s principal serving as the School Principal Mentor. During each course taken in the program’s plan of study the candidate in his/her role as an intern will be required to keep a log of the activities, functions, and actions in which they have been involved on a weekly basis in order to validate intern hours. Candidates will also be given an assignment tied to each course in their plan of study that addresses one of the National Policy Board of Educational Administration Standards (NEBEA), and the MISSISSIPPI EDUCATOR & ADMINISTRATOR PROFESSIONAL GROWTH SYSTEM STANDARDS. The candidate will be responsible for developing a portfolio of their responses to the National and State Administrator Standards. The Internship Program will culminate in the completion of Principal Internship I and II (EDU 676 and 677).

As part of the graduation requirement for the Master of Education Degree in School Leadership & Administration, M.Ed./Admin candidates must also successfully pass The School Leaders License Assessment Exam (SLLA)* as well as meet any other/additional requirements as prescribed by the Mississippi Department of Education. All criteria and requirements must be met before the Belhaven University School of Education will recommend a candidate for the Mississippi Administrator’s License.

*The testing fee for the SLLA test is $425 and is the candidate’s expense. (This is an Educational Testing Service (ETS) fee; it is not a Belhaven University School of Education fee.)

Admission Information

  • Applicants must have a minimum, a 2.75 GPA from his/her undergraduate academic course work.
  • The applicant is required to have two letters of recommendation: 1) current school administrator and 2) a superintendent, another former school administrator, a supervising teacher, and/or another professional licensed educator.

The School of Education Graduate Council may request an additional letter of explanation/appeal from an applicant and/or an on location, phone, Skype, or FaceTime interview.

Mississippi Residents Requirements

The following documents must be submitted as part of an individual’s application file and are requirements of the Mississippi Department of Education for entrance into a School Administration program leading to the Mississippi Administrator License.

  • The applicant is required to hold a current and valid 5-Year Renewable Mississippi Teaching License.*
  • The applicant must provide proof of having completed at least three years of teaching experience before making application.
  • The  Belhaven University School of Education Verification of Teaching Experience Form will need to be completed to assure three years of prior teaching experience.  This form will also serve as verification to MDE for licensure validation.  The applicant should have the School Principal and/or the School District Human Resource Offices or the applicant’s District Superintendent’s Office complete the form to meet this criteria.
  • For students to receive a Mississippi Administrator License, the candidates’ Internship hours must be taken and completed in a Mississippi school.

Belhaven University is a member of the National Council for State Authorization Reciprocity Agreements (NC-SARA).  As a member, Belhaven University is authorized to offer online degree programs in NC-SARA states.  Out of state applicants need to confirm that their state is a member of NC-SARA and confirm reciprocity regarding the Belhaven University School of Education’s Masters of Education in School Leadership & Supervision degree program.

Curriculum Summary M.Ed./ADM – School Leadership & Supervision

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These rates are for August 1, 2019 through July 31, 2020.

Tuition and Fees Per Credit Hour
Graduate MED/MSA/EdS/EdD $525
Grad. Certificate - Sports Admin. $525
Graduate Military – currently serving $375
Graduate Military – Veteran or Spouse $420

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