Initial Mississippi Alternate Online Teacher Certification Courses

The Initial Mississippi Alternate Online Teacher Certification courses are designed for students who have a non-education undergraduate degree, yet wish to become a certified teacher. The State of Mississippi requires unlicensed degree holders who wish to be licensed, to enroll an alternative teacher certification program or another approved program.

A qualified candidate must take EDU 501 and 506 (available online or at our Jackson, Mississippi campus), pass the Praxis I and II and meet all other requirements for degree seeking status in the MAT program (only available at our Jackson, Mississippi campus) before applying for a three year provisional Class A license.

After successfully completing 1 year of teaching and Dimension courses EDU 502 and 503 (offered at our Jackson, Mississippi campus) a candidate may apply for a Class A standard (5 year) license. If a candidate completes the Master of Arts in Teaching program they would then apply for a Class AA standard license.



The Belhaven University Educator Licensure Preparation Programs are in compliance with Federal Regulation: 34 CFR 668.43 (a) (5) (v) and 34 CFR 668.43 (c), requiring disclosures by institutions regarding educational requirements for programs leading to professional licensure or certification regardless of modality.

The Belhaven University School of Education has made No Determination as to whether Belhaven’s Educator Preparation Programs and curriculum meet other state educational requirements for educator licensure other than those educator licensure programs approved by the state of Mississippi.  All of the Belhaven University School of Education educator preparation degree programs leading to educator licensure have been approved by the Mississippi Department of Education.

The Belhaven University School of Education’s Educator Preparation Licensure Programs do not automatically qualify candidates for an educator licensure, certification upgrade, endorsement, or pay increase within their state of residence or state of their employment.  Out-of-state candidates are responsible for ascertaining the requirements for licensure, endorsement, or pay increase by the state where they seek employment or licensure.

Applicants and Candidates may contact the State of their interest for educator employment and licensure by following this link to the: Professional Licensure Directory